This past summer we decided to give Airbnb a shot. Our STR is not just an STR. It is our home in Tiny Township where we’ve lived for the past 8 years.  

Life has gotten so expensive, which has resulted in my husband picking up extra long shifts – turning into 16-hour work days in a very dangerous line of work. We’re always running the risk  of injury and life-threatening attacks. Living in this constant fear has taken a toll not only on  my husband’s health but also on us as a family.  


To make ends meet, we needed an alternative solution.

For the first time in many years, we moved into our trailer to try to generate some extra income  over the summer.  

Renting our home was scary at first, but we had no other choice given the crazy work hours  and a risky work environment. To add insult to injury, the turbulent housing market with the  climbing interest rates was an ever-present “elephant in the room” as our mortgage renewal is  just around the corner. 

The income generated from renting allowed us to stay afloat while letting my husband return to  working his regular full-time hours. I finally felt like I had my husband back. We were grateful for  the simple things like being able to eat dinner together again, head to the beach or go out for  walks as a family. We had work-life balance and could pay our bills without worrying about how  we were going to make it to the next paycheque anymore.  


The new STR by-law is absolutely devastating and will tear our family apart. Our excitement  over the recently-gained “normal” lifestyle was short-lived and everything came to a halt. The  inability to earn extra income means a return back to the way things were, working 80+ hours  per week, opposite shifts, fear for our ability to afford our home and quite frankly the longevity of my husband’s life.  

It also means disappointing families who have rebooked our home for the next summer. We  were so excited to have them back! 

We believe in having rules. But rules need to help rather than destroy families. 

We do believe that rules need to be in place to ensure that the Township of Tiny doesn’t turn  into strictly STRs and is no longer appealing to families living there full-time. The rules that  should be in place need to help the township eliminate parties and irresponsible visitors. Why  are councilor members so intent on hurting families like mine? What have we done that is so  wrong in trying to better ourselves? 

But this by-law is far from that and it is hard for a family like ours to even wrap our minds around  it. We do not have the knowledge or the time to do all of the things we’re being asked to do in  order to rent next year. It’s completely overwhelming, especially given the fact that running an  STR has always been a short-term solution – to simply help us get over the financial hump.  

We don’t have the option of renting out a few extra more weeks to cover licensing costs. The  option to ‘jack up the nightly price’ is not a viable option either as we need to remain competitive  in an already flagging market.  

I am completely devastated that my husband has to return to working 16-hour days to help our  family stay afloat.  

Tiny Township council has ruined our family life, our ability to better  ourselves and our dreams for the future.

Responsible Hosts of Tiny – Representing 100+ STR owners within the Township and growing every day. 

We plead for a better resolution and fair rules.