I applied for a STR licence as I am a law-abiding citizen but I did so unwillingly and under duress. I deeply resent the overreaching rules, the strict conditions, the extra expenses, and the additional time and effort, not to mention the frustration and stress this licensing process is causing my family. 

I immediately contacted the Township as soon as the bylaw was passed to find out more detailed information on the application process. As a seasonal resident, I was under a time crunch to gather all the information necessary to file the application before we closed the cottage for the season. 

The Township appears to have been ill-prepared to implement this Bylaw. 

Township phones were not being answered and just switched over to voicemail. I went in person to the Township office and was told by the bylaw enforcement officer on duty that the STR Licensing Officer position had not even been filled yet and to be patient. I contacted Tiny Fire and Emergency Services to book an inspection but was told they too did not have any information on the application requirements. 

The Township staff were unprepared and failed to do their due diligence in other areas as well. Imagine my surprise when I contacted the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) to arrange an inspection and was informed that the Elec Check inspections had been discontinued as of April 2022 with no plans to be reinstated. I was further disappointed to find out local electricians have doubled and tripled their cost for service explicitly for the STR owner forced to comply with these regulations. From all sides we are being exploited. 

It is very unprofessional for the Township to implement legislation without having the necessary administrative staff and procedures in place to provide accurate information in a timely and effective manner. It is obvious there was a political motive to rush this bylaw through. 

This is an appalling and irresponsible piece of regulation. Unnecessary, discriminatory and it fails to achieve its intent. 


When have I not? Our cottage has been in our family for 3 generations and I am preserving it for my grandchildren! 

Normally, I would have my cottage rented by now for a few weeks in the summer through a local realtor. However, my realtor can not advertise our cottage until I receive a license under the new bylaw – no application has yet to be approved. We have a very short window of opportunity to rent in the summer and we use our rental deposits to help cover our taxes and maintenance expenses in the Spring. 

Restricting our ability to advertise and rent our property, as is our custom, is impacting our income flow and causing us unnecessary and undue hardship. 

We are seniors who live on a fixed income and we rely on this rental income to help out with our maintenance expenses. 


My family is not doing anything differently than we have always done for decades and now we are being treated like second-class citizens. Our privacy is being invaded and we are targeted as STR owners under the new Bylaw, with a long list of stringent rules to follow if we wish to continue renting our cottage as we have always done. Thank goodness for all my supportive neighbours who understand our traditions. However, one newer neighbour harasses me about our “rental property” and we have been in Tiny on our street for over 50 years! Now it is me and my family who are meant to leave Tiny? 

When and how did renting become a dirty word and those that own a STR bad people? 

Responsible Hosts of Tiny – Representing 100+ STR owners within the Township and growing every day.

The tone of the Bylaw is discriminatory and punitive in nature. I really question what is happening to our lovely beach community and am disturbed by the increasing polarization. From where I am standing, this polarization is being fueled by the Township itself. 

I love the beach. It has been a sacred space for me all my life and my way of life is being eroded and the traditions and freedoms I hold dear are now under serious attack. 

The Bylaw addresses compliance standards more appropriate for the “ghost hotel” operator or the income-driven STR owner, who use their property solely as an investment vehicle and have no presence or interest in the community. It does not adequately consider the needs and interests of the responsible STR owner who has resided and participated in the community for years. 

I sincerely hope the new Tiny Council takes a sober look at this bylaw and makes the necessary changes and accommodations to ensure that responsible STR owners like myself are treated with the fairness and consideration they deserve, like any other Tiny Township resident.